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I am trying to display two SmO2 streams in Golden Cheetah.

I am having trouble with plotting them on with the same scale.
The first stream is plotted natively, but the second SmO2 is plotted 
using XDATA(....). However, two SmO2 streams are not plotted in the
same range or with the same scale.

Is there an easy fix for this?



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I haven't spent a lot of time with this so I'm not any help.

You might want to post this on the GC forum page.  They might be able to help with the XDATA issue.


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Here is a link to GC froup thread!searchin/golden-cheetah-users/Moxy/golden-cheetah-users/Ay-YFWSeSzk

I found R the most powerful way to do it (although GC appears to be moving towards python). If you have R installed pm me and i would be happy to share my R code.
Dr Matt

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I couldn't ever get GC to plot more than one live data stream from the Moxy. The one data trace it does plot is only 20-30 seconds long so no good for looking at trends. And it wont plot any Moxy readings when using it in trainer mode

I ended up buying two licenses for Peri Pedal to have NIRS feedback during training. 

Which is itself a bit annoying as Peri Pedal can only control a Wahoo Kicker or Cycle Ops trainer, it doesn't have ANT+ FE-C compatibility.

So I ended up using GC to control the trainer, Peri Pedal for live feedback and use two ANT+ dongles.


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Posts: 45
I don't use GC, but could you record one of your sensors on a cadence channel, then it will display as cadence.
That's what I do with ipbike on my Android phone, record one sensor as O2, the other one as cadence.
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