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Here  a great example  how  different ideas  can be applied  but perhaps a combination may  bring us even further.

 Here a nice  example  form a  super interesting  web  site  and concept  Golden cheetah , which  actually   allows you to take MOXY  data' s as well.

Here a part of  the discussion.

sept 22

Hi guys, I have a question about best interval calculation on GC.

Sunday I dide an hard climb pushing 258w medium for 30:30, it was my best year effort for this duration.

In the activity page I see a best 30-min value of only 255w, anche looking at my 2015 CP curve my best 30min is 255w too.

I know it's not an important difference but I looks strange...

which could be the problem?


Thank you!


Nigel Van de Velde


I noticed the same behavior for average power of the automatically detected peak power intervals, there can be a difference of a few watts. For running the differences can be more substantial; on my last run I had a 45 min peak pace of 6:26 min/km, while it actually is 5:58 min/km. Annoying as the first value gets displayed in the Trends charts as well


Now  you see the  two  worlds. I  would be more interested in   what happened   in the 258   load    and why I  was  able to push that or  what  was the reason  for not pushing more.
 Was it a  delivery limitation  and if , what   limiter  ,or  was it a utilization limitation.
 So less interested in the 258 wattage.
 Now   how accurate  are  wattage  and how  much  fluctuation. Really not  an issue  as long your wattage meter makes  always the same  mistake  and it is repeatable. So  in this case  I would love to use  wattage  and  see,  by what performance  I create  what reactions.
 So  combination of   two interesting ideas  may create  a very improved  outcome  in how  my  workouts  may be designed  and  in the understanding  why 200 watt today  may be a different physiological   stimuli  tomorrow.
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