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What is the difference between ThB and Tissue Hemoglobin Index (THI)?

If there's a difference what can THI show that ThB can't?

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THb and THI are generally just a different term for the same thing.  They both measure the total amount of hemoglobin and myoglobin that the sensor has interacted with on an arbitrary unit scale.

The arbitrary scale means that you can't compare values from different NIRS device manufacturers or even from different locations on the same person.

Lots of factors like fat layer thickness, blood hemoglobin concentration and myoglobin concentration can affect THb or THI but during the duration of a workout, the primary factor that contributes to changes in THb or THI is changes in blood volume.  So it indicates if blood volume is going up, down , or staying the same.

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If  you  go through more  research  you as well will find some  questions. Difference  between TSI %  and  SmO%  we  us  with MOXY.  Roger  can give you more feedback  on SmO2  as in simple terms  the model  they  use for MOXY  tries  to  give us feedback  on where we like to have the feedback . From the muscle tissue.
 TSI % is  the  tissue  saturation index  and they use a  different  idea.  In simple terms it gives  information on the  O2  situation in the   tissue  so skin included. That's  where people will see some fun difference  between using a  Portamon and a  MOXY. We  did  many many  tests using both to see who  they related from our point  of  view.
 Here two main examples  of  setting we did and others  did.( Clint  Friesen in Florida )
 1. Compression clothing.
  When we looked  TSI %     with and without  compression  socks  we had   with compression socks  a drop in TSI  %., which  initially created a  wrong  conclusion  as it    looked as if  O2  situation  got  worse.
BUT  when we added a  MOXY  than we  had  the opposite  the  TSI %  would still  drop  and  MOXY  SmO 2 would  go up.
 .So  we  did  the same with temperature games. 
When we cooled  the  skin TSI  %  would  drop    and   MOX SmO2  would go up.
 So it  seems  that  when we  created a  less   optimal   situation in the surface  for  blood  flow  the    blood would move into deeper  layers  and therefor  we  would see   an increase in SmO2  . So  we used  three different penetration depth  with Portamon  and there  we cloud  see  the change as well  but not  in TSI %  as  TSI %  seems to be the result  of  the overall layers. 
 When we used  heat  SmO2  in MOXY  would  drop  but TSI  % in  portamon would  go up. 
 Same situation.
 So  with   tHb  and tissue  Hb  index  we  may have the  similar  difference.
 Now  when we  use  Hb difference in portamon and SmO2 in MOXY  and we crate a  stable   blood flow  than  this  2 information  overlap  absolutely  equal . Will  dig out some  basic  cases  we did  and show one or the other on here. 
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