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I've noticed a general decrease in tHb numbers for an athlete over the course of months. Mostly the tHb responds the same throughout training sessions still.

Ideas on how to account for this? I have only one idea, which means I'm missing somethings. 


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There are a number of possibilities that make long term THb trends difficult to interpret.

  • The blood hemoglobin concentration may be lower.
  • The fat layer thickness may be greater.  Fat has very little hemoglobin so more of it tends to make the THb lower.  A change in placement can affect this because the fat layer thickness isn't consistent.
  • There may be less blood volume in the muscle.  Lots of possible reasons for this including vasoconstriction, a larger compression effect, increased muscle mass, fascia contriction, etc
  • Hydration can affect the readings too.

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My THb & SmO2 value tends to reduce when I lose “fitness”, It only takes 2-3 weeks of low intensity workouts to see a reduction of about 0.2 (from 12.2 to around 12.0)

But I also find that after a few weeks of high intensity or very very high volume at low intensity training gets my THb back up and more importantly my power goes up too.

I guess Diet is also very important when it comes to increasing THb (Haemoglobin, Myoglobin & blood plasma)

I’ve also seen an increase of THb & SmO2 few days after a very demanding race (7 hours+) ….Hmmm maybe I’m not doing the peaking phase correctly ☹

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