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I hope this message once it comes to the scientific community.

Maybe someone goes to the science conference, he knows the major forums and give more beautifully designed text back, not my broken English.

More article on the topic of data quality.
I have read all of the existing research on the training to increase anaerobic threshold, it is about 1,000 studies, there is still a lot of work on the VO2MAX, stretching of the heart, increasing hemoglobin mass, myoglobin, capillarization and so on.

Huge defect - only make the separation of the surface layers of 2-3% of the studies of the deep, make a separate analysis of the effect of exercise on the shared fiber slow and fast fibers.

Oddly enough to equalize the experimental and control groups for the calories or energy spent instead recruitment of muscle fibers.

Of course, in theory after glycogen depletion will begin a progressive recruitment, but it will be accompanied by unpleasant sensations so that people refuse to work, because you can not eat during exercise. Experienced athletes have the glycogen stores in the 3-hour workout.

As a result, 98% of the work methodology incorrect comparison of training effect, do not need an abstract mixture of all layers and fiber types to compare and divided into 5 blocks, and generally better all 300 cells from biopsy to analyze separately. 1 cell > 1 data set

Conclusions of research where there is no such approach can safely deny and ignore. What I do in my work with people.



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