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Has there been any research into cramping using moxy monitor? 

Personally, I struggle with cramps in road races as we start to near the sprint and this has really hindered my performance severely. So any insights are appreciated.


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Hello @kptrzk, I am unaware of any peer-reviewed literature that has looked at Moxy and cramping, if I ever see any I will be sure to post on this thread. 

Anecdotally, I wore a Moxy during a 30k trail race where I had severe cramping in both hamstrings during the race. The link provides a look at the SmO2 of my VL during the race. Right before the cramping started there was a steep rise in SmO2 which could indicate that the muscle being monitored was no longer being recruited fully resulting in raised SmO2 values, which then caused a higher reliance on my hamstrings which were not ready for the job. 

The only thing that seems to help me with cramping is chewing but not swallowing dill pickles, or doing a mouth rinse with yellow mustard. It's gross but the science seems to support this notion that the relief of cramping happens too quickly for these compounds to be digested which means that sour, bitter, spicy foods actually reset the cramping mechanism in your muscles through your brain. 

Hopefully this helps!
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