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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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More and more  readers mail and  ask  for a " cook book"
 I hate this idea , but I can see  that it may be a start  to get  to be a " chef"  after  you  work a few  month  for a "franchise."
 The goal is to  have you to   get to be a " gourmet cook."
Remember  that physiological system  tend  to be  very individual  and the  idea  to be able to apply a mathematical   formula  is tempting but  is it real ? Most of the current  zoning ideas  are based on formulas  and calculation. We  may   look for a one point physiological information  ,which in many cases is a maximal  end point  or  some trend changes during the step test. Now as we  finally have a live direct information, why would we go back and do this again ???

Why would we use an idea like a "lactate threshold"  ,which is an assessment based on an indirect trend information with  spot information  every few minutes, depending on the protocol.
Is it because we  may have a problem  to accept the latest in research on lactate or  do we simply do this as a marketing idea, as it may take some time  to get rid  of the lactic acid myth ???

 That's one of the big  questions we had many years back, when we started  with combining NIRS  and  cardiac and VO2  equipments.
 The problem was, that the coaches, personal trainers  and  smaller  test centers could not afford the cost  of this incredible noninvasive tools  like a Physio flow , Portamon   and   portable VO2  equipment.We where looking into  a  50 - 70'000 $  investment at least.
 Now  after years  of collecting data's  with all this great  noninvasive tools  we  found many   correlation  and  learned  to  get at least in many cases  hints on  what we see on  NIRS  and now MOXY  can in fact  explain  many of the delivery trends (tHb )  and utilization trends (SmO2)  and the combination of both  what they indicate.
 As we backed this findings up with hundreds of tests where we have used all the tools  combined.

 Now many coaches and centers  can benefit  form this by using MOXY  either as a combination and add on to their existing test tools and or  even smaller groups and individuals  can use  MOXY alone to  do a much more in depth assessment for physiological zoning information. The beauty is, that you than  can get the feedback with the same tool you use  for testing  in the field. How many  use a VO2  equipment during a run, or a  steady lactate  testing  or   any other  ideas  from lab tools ?
 With MOXY you guide  specific  workouts like interval length  and recovery duration, like strength   workouts  and reps and recovery and as well endurance sessions  for specific target ideas.

 Top centers still will use all the tools (as you can see from the  Center in Prag ) to be sure of  all the  trends .  MOXY is the perfect simple affordable tool  for a center now  to have  a much  wider information on an athletes physiological reactions. Instead of  looking for  a one point result  like a VO2  max,   max  HR ,  lactate threshold  or what ever, we now can  with MOXY find  many  more  indication how a physiological system actual tries  to achieve the  performance we  may  need  to  have  or demand  to  get.

So we  originally where, as many would have tried ,  looking  to see, whether we  can " replace " lactate  testing (invasive)  with NIRS  so we could argue . that the lactate threshold  can be found  with NIRS.
 After  many years of attempt we  actually  found, that  we  do not need to replace  lactate testing as we  find  much more  with MOXY  than  a one point  trend in a a curve  which is  manipulated  by step length  nutritional intervention  and  daily  performance ability of  an athlete  and much more.
 We  now find   VO2 = CO x a-v O2 difference  as
 Performance =  Delivery (tHb trend )  x  Utilization (SmO2  [wink] =  MOXY assessment
Here some initial steps in pictures.

Try to make  some sense of it and come back with suggestions  for improving the explanations.

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