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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here is a nice example , how  MOXY /NIRS can be used in assessing post operative  muscular situation .
 This is a comparison between  right and left leg.
 Even if you are not used you can see  in the picture  the  huge difference between deoxygenation ability  and contraction force between the two legs.
 You can see the initial  compression vascular washout as a very different reaction than we see in occlusion tests. followed by the good side with the ability to create a compression strong enough to have  a muscular occlusion so tHb  is stable    and you can see the drop in O2Hb and the increase in HHb.
 On the   weaker side you can see that   weakness or the inability to create  enough contraction force to create an arterial occlusion so w have a venous  compression occlusion   initially due to a lack of an relative " explosive " contraction followed than by enough  force to create an arterial occlusion. Most interesting is  the depth reaction on  the body by creating different ideas.
 Do we like to have a stop of  tHb or an increase  on tHb . All questions now we can follow through but more open questions on , what may enhance or   create what kind of stimulation.
 One training which is interesting to follow in strength workouts is a occlusion enhance  muscular overload.  See here  one direction strength tries to go  but without actual information what is going on  in the muscle . So MOXY is a tool to have better control on what we actually do in strength. The last picture interval NIRS is a  occlusion interval  on the right leg . standing doing nothing but just use a specific inflation device to create rhythmic occlusion. The picture  looks identical than when we do an actual interval workout.
 Have fun and I look forward  seeing  more ideas from outside my  small kitchen on uses of MOXY  in different fields of applications.

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MTF Clint

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Here's a fun graphic from one of our MX guys named Joey. This was from a 'push' workout (right triceps) where we took him through a series of strength movements all involving the pushing muscles. (I have the Chest muscle data from this somewhere as well.. will try to post it when I'm back in the office) You can see from H-K intervals there wasn't as much of a response because he was using mainly the chest muscles and not the triceps.

Interesting that we can create a workout which may be targeted to a specific muscle, and see the response we get from the idea we had. Whatever movement we did from H-K didn't work the same as the rest.. So is it good or bad? Top graph is TSI% and bottom is O2Hb (red), HHb (blue), and tHb (green).

I'll post up some very cool workouts we're doing with bodybuilder Ren Jolly over the next few weeks. Ren had some great ideas that he thought may work to add size/muscle mass. We'll show you what we came up with and let you guys be the critics. (ps. Ren is a very big guy so better be nice) hahahhaa careful Juerg.. I'll let you explain the rest on this graph and what we'd like to see for this type of workout. Sorry for the poor trace coloring, TSI%, etc. but this is an old picture and I'm on the road. No access to my new stuff

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