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Juerg Feldmann

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Here a nice intro  for  climbers  and MOXY.
 We have in California Mary Ann  Kelly dong some  great work with MOXY and Climbing   see pic  during an intro into  climbing in Santa Ana  California and  Sender one  climbing center.   An here some actual data's  from a climbing  test  and info on what we can see.  This  is done in the research center in Switzerland. 

Hi guys
I did a climbing test with the MOXY. I used the hockey protocol, 1 min. calibration, 30 load, 150 s rest for 3 sets. The test was on a campus board (a board with rungs to hold on to and you climb up only using your arms rung for rung, and then back down). The MOXY was mounted on my right forearm.
I feel that you can see a strong compression (venous occlusion-compression?), and therefore an initial decrease in thb at load onset, is followed by a thb increase over the remaining load time. After the load time you see an initial drop in thb as venous outflow is restored, but then a large increase in thb follows (vacillation from high co2? possible increased preload from venous occlusion resulting in increased out flow from heart....not likely with small muscle mass of forearms?). The thb increase actually only short lived and then thb collapses back down.
what do you guys think. input?

 Here  the  three stages  when we  analyze info's   in a case like this.  see pic  below  and look at  what picture   the  text  fits  to. the best.

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