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This is a 5 1 5  assessment  form a  non rower  who like to  go back into  fitness and they used  a rowing  erg.
 The used 4  moxy's    leg  both sides  VL  and one on a trapezius  ( not sure  whether it was the ascendus,  descendus  or  horizontal  section of the trapezius.  and one on a biceps.
 I like to start  again very simple here.  with  a SmO2  trend feedback  and  nothing more but will overlap  both  legs  so  right and left VL.
  Here  to start  out.
You make your  zoning idea  please.
smo2  VL  r  and l  all.jpg


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My guess would be zone 1-start to 1020; zone 2 1020-1740; zone 3 - 1740 - 2460; zone 4 2460+.

Can you comment on the choice of the load increases. The second interval at the same load never seems to produce a similar reaction.

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Thanks  for the question.
 I  can not remember the wattage levels  as I never  care about wattage. Roger may have the wattage  feed backs as I got the assessment  sent  to  me  by Roger.
  What I now is that thy  had  always a  typical 5 1 5  load so  2  x  the same load. What I see I made wrong  is the scale  starts  by 300  so I miss the fist load.  So  we have  if you look back wards  a  incomplete  load. (  above  2820  and  from 2100  to 2820 the same  load  and so on back wards.) I will correct this  today evening but  it dies not change your  "  zoning"
 What  you cans see that the right and left leg  have  not exactly but  a very close  to similar trend  and very little  difference if we  would  see left  or right alone  for  ideas  of Zoning  or the three section we lie to look.
 A )  SmO2  increase   oversupply compared to utilization needs.
 B0  balanced metabolic  situation O2  intake  and utilization is balanced.
 C0  Higher utilization  than  delivery. close  the  same  zoning.  ????  Si  starter   info  is  SmO2  as we do here  and you can us  HR if  available or  load  if available to  start  working  out.

The second interval at the same load never seems to produce a similar reaction.

True  isn't  it. When we know that the same  load  wattage  or performance  suppose  to always  be the same  load  and therefor  same stimulation. At least that is  what  all or many people   tell us when they  use  wattage zoning  for training ideas.
 Same wattage same load same  effect ? That is  at least  partially the reasoning,  why people use wattage  to guide  the training intensity.
  Is that  really the case ?
 well at least in this  example it seems to be not the case  and in many other examples  we show  here it  does not seem the case either.
 We have one section, where   it could be, that the  reaction in the  first  and second  same load is close  to the same. That is  when your   metabolic balanced  is reaches or  when you have completely individually "loaded"  the SmO2  values  and  you have the  most optimal  blood flow (tHb ). Once you pass the  balanced  situation  you most likely have  different reaction  again in most cases  by the same load.

 This opens  a question  the reader  has  to answer .
 Is the same physical performance  load ,  for example in wattage, really  always the same  physiological  stimulation?
. A  question  we  have asked  many times  and  it could be answered    with YES  or NO , but we  never really, as of yet ,got  from wattage users  an answer  that clear,  but a lot  of  other interesting feedbacks.
 So in your case  the answer  would be   ????

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