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Chris Froome has confirmed that data of physiological testing he performed in the summer will be released. The 2015 Tour de France winner again came under intense scrutiny during the Tour de France about his performance in July but reiterated that he does not have "any skeletons in the closet". 

I  can't  wait to  see and read,  what they mean with physiological data. how much watt/  kg   and so on. It will be fun to see.   a)  cardiac  info  like SV  EF %  LVET  and SVR
  Respiratory feedbacks  as we do   with people    so TV  and RF  as well as  MAX VE  over time.
 SEMG  activity in high intensity  and    for sure |N|I|RS  trends  at  certain watt levels.
 Blood test  as well. This  are  phsyilgicla datas  we collect in  clients  and athletes.
 So let's see where the multi million dollar  physiological  team testing stands   today  and where we have t pick up  to stay on even level  or  try to go ahead.  or   Smile   how  far back they   may be ??? you never know.rso
Jiri Dostal

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Here is the recently released report:
Do not smile... cry. nothing else, just PR :-(

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Thanks , the wait is over ,  and where do we see progress??? One very   interesting  section is. Look the comparison  from Swiss Olympic  test  and  now. look the  actual VO2 l / min  and  assume  as they do a lot here,  he would have  been the same  body composition  as  than. His  VO2  peak at that time  would have been than 86.84.
 So  critically looked  at this,  he   must have  lost as well muscle mass besides  fat  to get to his  today  body composition as fat  does not  use a lot of  O2 during a  ramp test.
. What would have happened, if he  could have kept the muscle mass  ?  This data s are great  and fun to watch ,but  they really  do not   give any physiological  feedback on  why he is that good.
 They  completely miss  inter-muscular coordination  feedback's  for  example,   which can be done easy over SEMG  and  combined  with NIRS. They  completely miss  any feedback on his respiration despite the fact, that all the data have to be there , when they do a VO2 max test , as they collect VE  RF  and  therefor TV  as well as   CO2  and O2  reactions.
 They   completely miss cardiac hemodynamic  in  top athletes as a  crucial   part. No resting hemodynamic or  under load but  pretty  worthless  resting lactate  numbers. Look where based on the  1 mmol increase in lactate his LT  would be ????
 We  would love to see his Cardiac out put  his Stroke volume  and his trend in SV  during a  ramp test.
 We  would love to see his EF %  ( ejection fraction %    in the step test  and one very  great feedback is  what we call CCT  Cardiac contraction time. It is the time   calculated  of HR  x LVET   ( left ventricular contraction time. ) This gives  an indication how long his heart can be  contracted . so does not  get fresh oxygenated blood  and still works optimal.
 We see in many tests  that top endurance  athletes have  much higher LVET  and therefor as a well a  higher CCT  far above  30 seconds  so  over  half the time  during a  one min  window  is the heart  able to extract O2    as there is no   delivery of   fresh O2 during  systolic  activity.
This assessment  shows   zero feedback  for a coach   on where to try to work  as we  have no  feedback what his current limitation is.. The fact , that his VO2  peak  actual dropped  over the last 10 years  shows  how  minimal VO2    is helping  to understand  why he is improving.
Bad speculation  could  even argue, that  2007 he was actually better  as he had a higher VO2 peak in l/min than  now. So  how come he is so much better   now  with a lower VO2 than   at that time.  ???
VO2  lower  today than 10 years back   shows  how  any %  load based on VO2  peak  is  very questionable.
. Using FTP   is a great way  to go , but  again  does not  explain,  why he is  so good , what makes  him so much better  and what physiological systems  allow him to  be so much better.
 As long  we not have feedback's  like that , as long we will  have  negative speculation on how they  perform  that well.
 The majority of  top endurance athletes have a delivery limitation. That is the reason why we see  zero  or negative VO2  peak  results.
Do  you actually see, that VO2 max is gone in the language ?????
 Improving efficiency in locomotion system , paired  with improving efficiency  in delivery ability is one reason they improve  performance despite  stable or lower VO2  peak.
 The rest  keeps  speculation up on how they improve  delivery.
 EPO. plasma expansion  and many more simple  pharmacological  ideas  not  detectable  yet or  not on a banned list yet.
 Feedback on real physiological parameter  would help  any endurance sport  top athletes  to  show  why  he  is so  dominate  at a certain  sport.
 As long  top  labs  fail to improve their  view on  real physiological testing as long we have  questions on cheating.
 For  me  incredible , that  a top lab  like the above  really uses  technology  which  soon will be 1 /2  century old  and  believes they   are really able to get feedback  for athletes  and coaches  on  where  there may be  still some  space  for improvement.
 This  data  do nothing  on the  clean or not clean imagine of this  great athlete. as there are many  top cyclist   like a G. Lemond ( ! 92) who  will jump on this  and argue  based on wattage pushed in a tour  , that this  can't be done clean.

 I hope regular readers  can see,  why we  fundamentally   assess very different  and  why it must be  very frustrating  for top  people like Jiri  to see,  what  a good PR  and a lousy  testing level  can create  and why the wider public  is so far off  the reality on what we  can  or  could do.

Every  single goat in my barn  has a  more sophisticated  physiological assessment than than this great   cycling athlete.
 That may  tell you something. ????

merry  christmas.jpg   
You need  a system  even in  farming and it starts  with names    and  definition.
 So  your question  for the  weekend , what  does  the names  of my goats  have in common. ?
From left  to right. Top no horns  is  grandma  FETA Below her blue bell  is her daughter  Mozzarella.
Next  below is EMMI (  short  for ??? ) next one is BRIE  followed by the Black one ( RIGOTTA). below the grey one is Gorgonzola)  and the  two on the  wood   are  ( EDA  for a  ??  from Holland Ruud should now  the name ) and  last but not least QUARKY. I make   Quark  and  RIGOTTA  and some other  sorts  of  ?????)

Below  is the lab I work in , no wonder nobody  shows  up  Smile



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Edam. Edammer kaas [wink]
Jiri Dostal

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 [idea] Emmental. Correct?

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H aha  I like you guys , you know the exercise physiology    developed in the goat barn. You both  won a  3  day  free milking  adventure in  my place  you only have to pay the  flight  accommodation  and milking is free !!!

Now  here a  slightly more serious  answer to a  interesting e mail I got  from a  cycling coach on the above personal comment I gave  on Froome's testing.
 Nice  choice  of  words   and some additional interesting comments.
 So here  the answer  and  some readers may be able  to  " read" the context of the mail.

Short inside  view into the "goat barn"
Flurin equipment.jpg 
Above is a physiological  testing as  we expect  it up here in the bush  form a  farmer. We like to  know  physiological  information  and not  VO2 peak  with minimal help  for anybody  besides bragging rights  and lactate   values  with  some  long   out dated  ideas  and  values.
Equipment we used  and easy to see, some  ate  harder to  see.
- VO2  Cosmed Italy
- Original bioharnesss  see chest belt  from Zephyr  NZ. For  multitude of feedbacks  like  respiratory  breathing  wave  , RF  HRV, Skin temperature, very  simple  EKG ( not  of a lot  of value ( Jiri is doing this much  better  with his set up )
- Physio flow see below  what we collect  plus    with this    equipment ( Thanks to Frank  and Jean Bour )
- NIRS    left and right leg  MOXY  and  Portamon, MOXY  on right  delta
- SEMG  left  leg  and  right delta
- Blood values   like  lactate ( Arkray Japan)
Blood sugar   and sometimes ammonia  and keton in this case  as this is my youngest son Flurin  and he is  diabetic  one.
Completely  true, who cares  what  Froome is doing   he  just has to bike. Flurin has  to learn to  stay healthy  be healthy and train smart  to support a   small negative  situation nature  threw in his  path. I love the type of  emails  I got in this case, as it helps  me  to  move forward  in what we do  and really   keeps me happy how   little  and  how minimal  in some sports    health  and  physiological testing is taken serious. It is all about    winning  and  again winning. The result in   some cycling  events  and  in the  cycling history  speak  volumes. The money  and time  spent  to fool the  testing systems  is sol lousy  spent and so out of my ideas of  sport  and  performance, that I am not surpised  that there is minimal ideas on how  to improve  delivery systems  like  cardiac and  respiratory systems. It is  all wattage  fixed  and watt's / kg  with miniml aideas on  why it  works, If  the delivery fails  we always  can get some help form  some other   sources  than  actually smart triaing. !!!  YES  you  can read between the line  the  email made  me somewhat  angry  . So  sorry  for this ranting on here, sometimes  we have  to  get  air  out. remember normally holding your breath   suppose to increase brain blood flow, but it seems I  did some hyperventilation  so  got  hypocapnic  and lost the ability  to think  clear  and smart . Ha ha  can happen   even to a  goat farmer.

Here a  short  pic   for new  readers on live feedback  from a  physio flow

full picture print.jpg

And below  a  live feedback  form a  Bio harness, This one is thanks  to Brian Kozak    from NEXT level SP
Bio harness.jpg 

Jiri Dostal

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