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Additional  thoughts  to Rynic   respiratory  Ac  and  a  information.
 If  the respiration  ( not a metaboreflex )  is the limitation  so VE  is a limitation , than we have a   situation, where we may move  towards  hypercapnia meaning we accumulate  more CO2  than we  can  get rid of.
  This means a limitation in H +  balance as well  and as such we  have an increase in RF  as a high CO2   tries  to stimulate   the respiratory  system. But if  the TV is limited  than we only can increase  RF  and  often see  than a   reduction in TV. (  think   dead space  and what  that means.)
 So  the increase in CO2  will show up  systemic  and we see now at the  "VT 1"  when we reach it o go above a very specific  NIRS reaction  when we stop .
What do we see.?
On the other hand ,if   the VT 1,   ( same picture)  is  created  due to a compensation by a great respiratory  system, so we  actually get  easy rid  of  CO2 , in fact  we could as an idea  even go hypocapnic, than we see, when we stop  at  or  above the "VT 1"  what kind o a NIRS  reaction.?
. Now  for lactate   believers  this will   again give a very different picture.
In the   situation of a limiter   the lactate values will be  actually lower, as  it is NOT the lactate  who stops  the  performance, but the  respiratory limiter.

On the other hand  if  w  can get rid  of CO2  and therefor are able  to balance H +  longer and keep the O2  disscurve stable for longer we will see a higher lactate value,but despite  or because of the high lactate  we can as well go longer, as we have more and easier energy available (lactate) for ATP maintenance. So  the   contradiction for classical lactate user
. A lower lactate will stop  performance and a higher lactate will keep them longer going.
The reason is the respiratory   either limitation or   compensating    situation.
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