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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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 Thanks  for the nice  Blog on  lactate threshold.
 I like to add  some great  insight  information to this  from a guy  who  is a very strong  proponent of the "peripheral governor" idea.  Here  some  interesting reading.

Anaerobic Threshold:
The Concept and Methods
of Measurement

Krista Svedahl and Brian R. MacIntosh
Svedahl, K., and MacIntosh, B.R. (2003). Anaerobic threshold: The concept and methods
of measurement. Can. J. Appl. Physiol. 28(2): 299-323. © 2003 Canadian Society for
Exercise Physiology.


The anaerobic threshold (AnT) is defined as the highest sustained intensity of exercise for

which measurement of oxygen uptake can account for the entire energy requirement. At the

AnT, the rate at which lactate appears in the blood will be equal to the rate of its disappearance.

Although inadequate oxygen delivery may facilitate lactic acid production, there is no

evidence that lactic acid production above the AnT results from inadequate oxygen delivery.

There are many reasons for trying to quantify this intensity of exercise, including assessment

of cardiovascular or pulmonary health, evaluation of training programs, and categorization

of the intensity of exercise as mild, moderate, or intense. Several tests have

been developed to determine the intensity of exercise associated with AnT: maximal lactate

steady state, lactate minimum test, lactate threshold, OBLA, individual anaerobic threshold,

and ventilatory threshold. Each approach permits an estimate of the intensity of exercise

associated with AnT, but also has consistent and predictable error depending on protocol

and the criteria used to identify the appropriate intensity of exercise.


The authors are with the Human Performance Laboratory, Faculty of Kinesiology,

University of Calgary


Few concepts in the field of exercise science have generated such debate as that of

anaerobic threshold.
Disagreement among researchers stems not only from the

absence of methodological standardization but also from a lack of consensus on

the theoretical basis of the concept itself.
Efforts to accurately describe a threshold

intensity have resulted in an immense pool of scientific data. Yet the issue remains

an unresolved controversy.
One reason for the ongoing controversy is the lack of

consensus for the definition of anaerobic threshold and the persistent inappropriate

use of the term.
It is important to recognize that anaerobic threshold is a concept,

and that the definition is a conceptual definition. In contrast, the various

ways to detect the intensity of exercise associated with the anaerobic threshold

have resulted in a proliferation of terms that are more appropriately given operational

definitions. These measurements should not always be equated with anaerobic

threshold, since there are clear differences between conceptual and operational

definitions. Considering the inconsistency with which these terms are used, readers

should interpret a term like anaerobic threshold or lactate threshold from the

context of its use.

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