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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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We  are  since many  month in an ongoing discussion on this specific    great  idea.
 Bio availability of O2.
  What it means is the  situation, where we    have  O2 in the   blood  and on Hb  and on Mb  but out  of  what ever  reason  we  can't  get to it.
 It is not bio available  and as  such we may have  lot's of O2    there but we will  create a hypoxic situation.
 So this opnes a set of question.
  If w e   have a normoxic  situation  with % of  O2  , what do we have to do  to get into a hypoxic  (  O2  not available  ) situation.
  what  benefit  do we get if  we would create a  hypoxic situation and  what would happen if we create a hyperoxic situation.
  We  can create this situation all in artificial  ways  with hypoxic  tents or rooms  and  hyperoxic      equipment. The studies  we have  form this    can help us further.
  What we did  mainly in the past is , that we used a SpO2  sensor  and as  such had  feed backs on O2   situation  which occur between  lungs ( outside  world )  and  blood.  BUT we  have no information ( feedback ) what happens between blood  and   cell.
 So using an SpO2  sensor  for   hypoxic.  workouts is a good   first step but little help   to our question, whether it is bio available.
 A much more interesting task is, whether we  can create  a  normoxic  ( for sure )  hypoxic  for sure  ) but as well a hyperoxic    unsure ) situation in a natural way by simply=. learning to manipulate  respiration.
  Here a first step into some of the possible answers.
  I  got this incredible  data collection   sent  form  Prag.

By Jiri  and his    out of the box  working group.
sport inst.jpg

Here a  small inside view.
  This are three clients  they test in a  step test option of  6 min each step. Some  where just following their bodies lead, t some had to  change in the midst of the 3 min the respiratory  p[pattern  from   so called " normal " natural"  breathing to  a fast  more intense  breathing, which was called  hyperventilation.
  , Whether it was  hyper ventilation ( meaning the EtCO2  should drop  as  they  breathe  more than needed  and as  such would possible get hypocapnic )  was not  in the task.
 They simply  had  to try  to breath much more than they normally would do.
 The  one question  was, whether the change in respiration  no mater what they would achieve  would change the   bio availability of the    muscles  and seen in a MOXY data collection. Than the question would be, whether the change  can be explained  by a change in O2  diss curve  shift.   And in this matter, whether the  CO2  would influence  the bio availability just locally in the  working muscle or whether  we would have  some reactions as well in a non working muscle or a muscle , which would work in   sever involvement of a respiratory  work.
 So  they  used  2 MOXY's  one on the vastus  lateralis  during the bike   workout  and one on the  trapezius   so upper  trapezius on the same side.
 The regular reader   out of the box think  critical  coach will be able to read  an incredible amount out of just this info sheet  here.
 You see  dark green as SmO2 trend of  vastus lateralis, light green as  trapezius SmO2 trend  and Grey as the EtCO2  tested  at the mouth  with a VO2  equipment.
  Have fun and you will see, where we  can go  with that.
3 resp  examples.jpg

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