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First "real" assessment.  And I just realized I misspelled assessment in the charts.  Oops

The setup:
Moxy on right VL, centered between knee and greater troc.  Moxy held under cycling bib shorts.

Trainer is Cycleops Hammer direct drive smart trainer, with cyclocross bike mounted to it.  I was mainly on the hoods during the workout.

Perfpro controlling the trainer, and 5 1 5 workout created by me.  The last target power of 315 watts was my FTP from the spring and given my training load these days I'd say I'm lower, probably 280-ish.

During rest phases, tried to keep right leg up, relaxed, using the left leg extended (and still clipped in)

My background; 53 yo male, masters mid-packer.  Former triathlete, now off-road racer.  I'm better at longer distance than the short stuff, though mountain biking and cyclocross have probably helped with short term bursts.

The last chart has the second part of the 315 W 5-1-5 set, but I was pretty cooked by then and bumped the sensor, resulting in adjustments and some bad readings.  I think it was pretty much over anyway as in the first 315 W attempt SMO2 and tHb were running away from each other.

I'm still looking at this but thought I'd put it up for the group to look at.

First impression is that I don't have a supply problem as SMO2 is still in 60s, but tHb is climbing.  So a utilization limitation then?
SMO2 tHb Zoomed assesment 1 NOV 17.jpg  Power HR Zoomed assesment 1 NOV 17.jpg  SMO2 tHb full assesment 1 NOV 17.jpg 

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If the sensor was on VL, you are correct it looks like primary utilization limitation. I always use Cover-Roll Stretch tape under my bibs and jersey, just in case sensor moves during riding.



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