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Hi All,

I'm an amateur cyclist and I don't have a exercise physiology background.  I'm considering buying a moxy to guide my interval trainings on my indoor trainer, to better understand myself and give better feedback to my trainer.  From time to time when the going get's tough, I see that I can't complete the last interval in the sequence because off exhaustion. Can someone guide me with information to read / study how I could apply moxy in this excersises to inform my trainer and myself what is needed ?  Sometimes I have the impressions that the rest periods between the intervals are too short.

Best Regards,

Juerg Feldmann

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Thanks  for your great post  and  I can tell you that this  is a very common   question I get daily on e mails  sop thanks for posting it here.
 I try to start  simple :
1. Your idea   to give bio feed backs to your coach is a  great idea.
 This will eliminate the calculator  and your coach can work  much more individually with you.
a) 2  feed backs you can provide to your coach.
 - a TIP   in regular time steps. This will   first give him a feedback on what is your current limiter. Therefor he can adjust his training program to improve the limiter.
 If  successfully    you will do after 6 - 8  weeks  a new TIP  and see, what is now the limiter  and how you improved  the old  limiter.
. This as well will give you an individual periodization.
 If you have a problem to  run a TIP  we can help.
 Than you make a RIP  and with the RIP  your interval workout  will be  guided. in intensity  an din recovery time in between loads as well as in  how many steps  makes  sense.. You can make a RIP in different ways depending on the sport  and or  the interval ideas your coach has set up for you.
 One simple initial RIP is  that you simply  use MOXY in your  next workout  and than   you can see what creates the limitation and what the interval really is stimulating  based on the trends we see there. Than the coaches  questions is, whether what the interval is  doing was  actually really the plan. Hope this helps to start out.
  Last but not least in the workouts , whether it is endurance  or indoor interval MOXY will guide you daily  for optimal individual   workout intensities  .
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