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What  that all means in very short terms.
Altitude  or  hypoxia  or  hypercapnia  are all  stimulation  , who have a direct impact on how our body  can  work  and perform.
 The  2  list  just look the  2.3  DPG  as one  substance to focus on  and you can see  how   altitude or  hypoxia  can  stimulate this   substance. Now  this can be  done very naturally  and as well on sea level  so no need to take   the benefits  but as well  risk  when going to altitude  with  athletes.  The RRA  and the Spiro tiger  graph  are more intend  to  the  now  above 1000 European training centers  using  this devises  and start to look at  NIRS integration. The  Spiro  graph is  what they actually have n their  screen  when they work  with athletes on physiological stimulation. Now  with  affordable NIRS  devises  we  can now  as well look at the muscular levels  for  local  or  systemic   changes.
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