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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
After  a  few  weeks  of  the forum  , we are back  with much more ideas  and info's, thanks  to some very great people, who work  critically with MOXY  and sent us  their observations  and critical comments.
  We had a  very interesting  start into our 2014  Seminar year  fro MOXY.
 An incredible  great group of   individuals  in Boulder Colorado  challenged and worked  with us  and   all of the questions  where  very helpful. It  will guide us  to  try to improve out  seminar content  and make it so that it is practical     and useful for any body  out there.

 We  dramatically   increased  MOXY exposure    world wide.
  Stuart  ( nearly  fluent in Chinese )    signed  a  Contract  for MOXY sales in Chine, which will make  it very interesting to get feedback from there.
  This week  we  made contact to a  top  class  cycling facility in South Africa  and it will be fun to get the first  assessments  sent to us  from there.
 A  super great group around Jiri Dostal 

ISL - Institut sportovn  in Prag  works  on some intriguing ideas.

 We have feedback  from Finland, Norway, Italy  and great feed backs  from  eastern Canada as well with  one  interesting person pushing MOXY to  its limit in Swimming in Montreal, as well  some  great  research  from   Colorado springs   USA Olympic  center  playing with MOXy in different applications  .  The community is growing and so the  different applications we suggest.  This way we have  a  very fast growing data collection  so we not just adjust but as well can see, what may work  better  or  less good.
  Brina Kozak  from Next level is  again in eastern  Canada  and  will assess this week  again over  60  sport  kids  in a sport school  and this alone  will move our experience  way up in   information  and applications.

  New:  We will keep the forum  how it is  a  " bloody  mess"  with ongoing discussions, but  we will start to sort out  key elements  we discuss  and  somebody  with a  good  English  and no "swenglish "  Swiss and English )  will " translate it  so we  all can use it  and  even create  besides the e books a  binder  with information's  relevant    where you like to start using MOXY.
 We have  a  25  + years  of ideas  and summaries  on how to use this  and we    start to sort things  out  to    create  some facts  besides some fictions..
 So    visit  us once in a while  and look for new  short Blog's  which just may help you out  and or  write us  so we  can see . what and where   there are some open questions  we   may be able to answer. So stay tuned  as we  will start going much more  in the direction of  using MOXY  for assessment  and for practical workouts.  Cheers  for now  .
  PS  Stuart  with a " Chinese    smiling    signing   in Boulder.






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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
We  had  some very great questions  and    very clearly  the  main  topic  was:
 Why  would we replace   our existing ideas ?
True  and yes  why would we.
  1. I would not replace it  at all , I would add on to my existing ideas  and   options  and than over time see, whether certain ideas  can be replaced  or have to be replaced  due to logic , facts  and as well  simple  business reasons.
 Here  an example:
 If  I can avoid  an invasive  assessment taking blood  with an noninvasive  ???
  If  I can   avoid  to do the testing always  with a mask on ( cleaning  , cost  and so on )  with a   direct  assessment options.
 If  I can read more out  than just a max  end result  but see,  that  I may have a limiter  and some compensator  and I can see   by what intensity  this happens individually       why not  to try it out.
  What if  I  can test 4 people at the same time  in the same time as  I  can do one.
 Well I  always can do 4  as well when I  use my "classical' equipment  but 4  x  a VO2  equipment  ???  compared  with  4  times a moxy assessment. you loo  art 4'000 $    for 4  MOXY's  versus ????.
 Well this  are  points  many people ask.
 Fro me the physiological benefit    I can add   to my  tool box is the main reason..

Second    most common question is :
 Why would I replace a   classical  3 min test  with a 5 1 5  TIP ( training intensity profile  ) assessment. This will be the topic over the next little while.
 I like to show   some practical test done    now   all over the world  and I like to help to give you a inside view  on what we  can  and what we still have to  learn  and work on..

 My most  common question.

 We  do lot;s of  testing here in my  small town. So we have a  so called skate mill and we  do    a lot of testing there.
 Now  we   test   ice hockey player there    and  cyclists.
 The  interesting part is.
 When we compare  VO2  max results  from the ice hockey player we test on the skate mill   with VO2  max tests done  at a university   with ice hockey player's  we have a much higher VO2 max  result than they have.
  On the other side  , when we test cyclist  here on our  skate mill  we  have much lower  VO2  max values  than the ice hockey players  but  as well much lower  VO2  max  than when they get tested  at the university.
. We really    do the same protocol.  They test the ice hockey player on their bike as well the cyclists , and we test the ice hockey player on the skate mill as well as the cyclists.  So    how come we have  this discrepancy.
  Here  for people wondering what a skate mill is ?  Any  interesting response  is  very welcome.

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
I  got a very  interesting  respond on my last point here.
  Summary . VO2  max ( peak ) testing for  cyclist  and  hockey player on a skate mill..
 The VO2  peak on hockey player  was higher than the one   of the cyclists, versus results  we had   from a university , where the  VO2  peak of the cyclists  was  higher than the one  form the hockey player.  They did the test on a bike we did  it on a skate mill.

The respond  was  form a great  cycling coach.
  I simple term  he writes:

" It is pretty stupid  to test a cyclist  on a skate mill, as this is a very different  sport  and very different movements  are involved. So no wonder he was not able to   get a proper VO2  max result." 

Hm mm this  coach  has a very  good point, does he ? and it makes a lot of sense.
 Well it makes  so much sense, that I am wondering  ,  why we  over 1/4  of a century  back  always tried  to argue  with any  test lab  the point, why we would test cross country skiers  on a bike or running, Hockey players on a bike, badminton player on a treadmill  and so on.

 So  I will join this coach  and ask the question:
 " how  stupid  can it be to test a  hockey player on a bike  , when  this is not his  sport  and no wonder, they all have lower VO2  ( peak ) than cyclists.
  I simply  was wondering  with my   " catch  and release    section here, whether somebody would agree   with me  that a cyclist  should be tested on a bike, runners in running , ice hockey player in skating  and so on.
  How come that NHL  teams still pay very good money to  exercise  physiologists  to get their ice hockey playing  ice hockey player tested  in cycling ???
  May be it could be time  to use  MOXY  to use it sport specific  rather than make in convenient  for the   tester  to have all in his lab ???
 Just a  simple question  and thanks  for this  great  and very  clear  feedback.
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