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I have been exercising quite a bit in August, and had the MOxy for ~1/2 of my events.  But it takes some time to summarize it all.  Now that I have a template, I should be able to post sooner.  Later this weekend I will post a template for other to use, and also a combined summary of all similar events.

For all events, I use a Garmin 405 and SportTracks to analyze the data.  I've included HR (heart rate) data in a graph w/SmO2 and also a 2nd screen shot of HR along with Elevation which you can fairly easily align if showing both pics on one screen. 

Raw data will be uploaded for a closer look at event and data details. 

My comments so far:

1.  I've used the flat light shield with the 2 elastic straps.  These straps don't really hold the sensor in at all, so I just leave them off.  I'm not sure how to use the 'box' shaped shield.  When running I put the shield/sensor underneath a compression sleeve on my left calf, and wear the watch on my left wrist, with my Garmin on my right wrist.  When biking I put the shield/sensor under my bike shorts on my left-outside quad, and the watch on a Garmin handlebar mount, next to my Garmin.  (see pics)

2.  Brightness of the sun sometimes seems to play a role in how noisy the data is, as well as may the difference between quad/calf location.  When it is on my quad while biking, in the dark, the reading is very nice.

3.  I typically don't look at my watches while running, so a 2 sec display is much too fast.  Even when I look at my Garmin, it is scrolling through 3 different screens, so I only see HR for ~2 seconds every 8 seconds.  Usually the reading doesn't change during that viewing time.  When I have looked at the MOxy watch, I've seen it jump from like 26 to 58 between 2 consecutive readings.  That change is unacceptable for me.  I would think a 10-15 second display rate is acceptable.  Data capture could be filtered using an algorigthm of some sort that it doesn't save a point that is outside a certain range from the previous value, for example, if it changes more than 10 points, or perhaps more than 20% of the last value... not sure what would be best yet.    Maybe if the true raw data was averaged for a longer time before calculation a value.

4. I didn't realize how reliant I am on a battery level monitor, but apparently I have problems keeping the thing charged, even though I feel like I always am charging it. 

5.  Surprisingly, even on hot days, the shield and compression sleeve don't feel noticeably hotter than not wearing it, even though afterwards it is obviously more sweaty.  Comfort is very acceptable. 

6.  I have yet to try it on my quad while running, but will once I feel I have a large enough set on my calf.  After that I will also try switching legs to see if a noticeable difference occurs. 

7.  Not sure why I've had issues with it staying connected a couple times when all others it is no problem. 

8.  Of course, the runs that I feel really crappy during, I have not had the sensor to wear.... so I will keep wearing it and it will be interesting when I do have one of those bad runs.   I've yet to have it for a race also, which will be interesting b/c I typically run at a much faster and more sustained pace than during training runs. 

See the attachment for the graphs of these exercises. 

Attached Images
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Attached Files
pdf Exercise_summary_as_of_2012-08-29.pdf (1.44 MB, 22 views)
xlsx 1_-_MTB_-_Carver_-_2012-08-01.xlsx (197.98 KB, 14 views)
xlsx 2_-_Run_-_Fig8_-_2012-08-14.xlsx (52.61 KB, 16 views)
xlsx 3_-_Run_-_Fig8_-_2012-08-15_AM.xlsx (112.65 KB, 14 views)
xlsx 4_-_Run_-_Fig8_-_2012-08-15_PM.xlsx (107.98 KB, 17 views)
xlsx 5_-_Run_-_Fig8_-_2012-08-20.xlsx (106.73 KB, 14 views)
xlsx 6_-_MTB_-_Carver_-_2012-08-21.xlsx (131.10 KB, 14 views)
xlsx 7_-_Run_-_Hudson-Tamarack_-_2012-08-22.xlsx (131.90 KB, 16 views)
xlsx 8_-_Run_-_SPT_-_2012-08-24.xlsx (154.24 KB, 16 views)
xlsx 9_-_Run_-_Fig8_-_2012-08-27.xlsx (87.19 KB, 16 views)
xlsx 10_-_MTB_-_Carver_-_2012-08-28.xlsx (134.14 KB, 13 views)

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