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Are there any big changes coming up with Moxy and the
upcoming Garmin Fenix 5?

From using Moxy point of view, is there a reason why one would
want to upgrade to Fenix 5 watch?

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We will support the Fenix 5 with the current Moxy Apps and datafields.  I haven't seen the specs on how many data fields can be run at once, but I suspect the Fenix5 will support more than 2 so it should have no problem supporting up to 3 Moxy data fields like the 735XT and Edge Devices.  The 920XT, vivoactive, Fenix3, 630, and 235 only support up to 2 data fields at once.  So if you want 3 Moxys, that could be a reason to upgrade.

The Fenix5 will support the muscle oxygen profile natively.  This means that you won't need a Moxy ConnectIQ app or data field at all.  However, I suspect the support will be very similar to the 735XT so you will still need the Moxy data fields to support more than 1 sensor.  It's really great than Garmin is adding in native support for Moxy, but this probably doesn't justify getting a Fenix5 if you already have a functional CIQ watch.

We have a ToDo list for Moxy ConnectIQ Data Field development that includes adding SmO2 alarms and even adding an SmO2 and THb graph.  This would allow the extra functionality that is currently only available in the Moxy CIQ Apps to be used in native Garmin activities too. This will only work on the newest Garmin devices like the Edge series, the 735XT, and the Fenix 5 because they have more memory available for data fields.

Please let me know if you have any feedback on functionality that you'd like to see on these newer devices.  They keep making ConnectIQ better and better so we have some more options now.
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