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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Here  an example  what happened  to Chara , Bergeron  and many more   top  NHL  penalty killer.
 Here what you look in the next few  games.
 Look at the time  they are on the ice    and look  where  and how they  most often loose the puck.
  Now  here one possible  explanation  to a  situation, where you often wonder  why   he was not  able to simply lift the puck out of the  zone. ???
The pictures  shows  a  3  load    all out  activity  with the legs.
  Dark green SmO2  trend.  as well    a  non involved  upper  body muscle   in this  activity  delta  pars  acromialis.
  You can see three loads.
 Hint  . You look at  load  time  and recovery time as well as  reaction of a non involved muscle and the recovery situation there. 3 x  inv noninv.jpg

Now this is in simple terms  just looking  at the metabolic  demand  over the O2  utilization  reactions. The  other part   we  look is  as well at the delivery reaction, where  we compare THb  and SmO2    with each other  and  with  each body part.
 This information   can  nicely  improve    the decision of the coaches , whether it   makes  sense to   get a player on the ice  or not , as well gives the coaches  the direction on what  and how to work in the upcoming off season to get the players ready  for next  year.

This  study was done courtesy  to the  Army  group  from Ft. Bragg,  The R+ D  section  of  Fortiori  as well the R+ D  section of  Swinco / EUK  ( Swiss /Canada )

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