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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Doing physiological assessments now since close to 40 years  and always asking critical questions on the application of the testing I always wonder, when  in  toady's time I hear this comments  from so called Pro riders.


Scot says he didn't have the legs to compete for the medals

David Millar (Scotland) may have finished just over ten minutes behind winner Geraint Thomas (Wales) in the Commonwealth Games road race, but to him the victory was in finishing. On home soil, Millar was riding his final race in Scottish colours. Only 12 men finished the race and it was that thought which helped Millar become one of them.

"It was a matter of pride. When you’re in your national jersey in your own country you don’t stop," said Millar, still caked in the mud of Glasgow’s roads. "Normally I would have probably stopped, even my arms were exhausted, but you can’t stop when you’ve got so many people out there cheering you on in equally as bad conditions. I think they had as bad a time as me."

After missing out on a Tour de France spot in July, Millar had arrived at the Games hoping that he could add some sparkle to his final year of racing. Millar missed out on a medal in the time trial, but had his real hopes pinned on the road race. However, he realized when the attacks began flying that the mission would be to get to the end, rather than take a medal. As the leading group continued to drop like flies, Millar found himself struggling to keep in touch.

"I realised about two thirds in that it wasn’t going to happen, I was just getting weaker and weaker and I think that’s just the lack of racing," Millar explained. "I just can’t replicate the efforts we were doing in training and it just wore me out. Whereas the Tour guys, it’s not that they get stronger they just don’t get tired. When everyone else gets tired, they can just maintain that. So, I didn’t really stand a chance."

Look at his comments.
 Did not had the legs.
  even arms where exhausted.

The regular critical reader  will wonder  with me  what  was done or is done here in this highly paid  Pro  fields.
  What we know in his case.

He used in his race   years drugs  and admitted  to it. They worked  well and what they mainly did  where 2  big advantages.

 1. Functional advantage, which he  may have lost  once he started to be  clean ?
 2.Structrual advantage, which he  keeps  even when he is getting clean
Here  some interesting points.
Many of the drugs this guys took  an or still take  create a dramatically advantage in structural development.
 IN some cases  clean athletes  may never have a chance to develop the same   vascularisation as well as  mitochondria density  you can reach by taking certain drugs.
 So even if an athlete, which is now  nice  and fashionable  admits, that he took  drugs , he still   has a big advantage even when racing clean  after the fact.
 To make an easy example.
 You are a bank  thief  and unfortunately get caught  or you   may even after a few years  go  and admit it.
 You either get a slap on your finger  ( bad guy )  or you sit   for a while   in the prison.
  Nevertheless they never take your 2 million $  away from you you actually stole  and after your prison term or  your slap on your hand you still have your 2 million. In fact you  got  some interest on it as you did not use  any of the   money.
 So an athlete caught  with drugs  and now  not  eligible  for 2 years to race   still has the advantage that he  was able to  create in a much easier and faster  way a structural   foundation he may never  have created  with  just  training.
 he does not loos this advantage m, once he stops taking the drugs. In fact during his 2 year ban he  can even keep going for a while as no body will test him  and create  an even bigger pay back.
 So once he  goes back he  has this incredible structural advantage,.
  Now  if he  develops his  muscular system  far above and beyond . he  will have a  delivery limitation. Cardiac  , respiratory  and  delivery per see.. So the huge amount of O2  his   drugged  or in some cases  honestly trained  muscles  can take   create a risk on his delivery systems ( Vital  systems ) and as such  the Central governor  will simply  reduce the ability to  take the O2  form the vital centers.
 Here, where the functional immediate advantage of certain drugs  come in. Better delivery  due to higher  Hb . Now  as we  can deliver more O2 we later push the vital system into an emergency situation  and can compete  better.
 To  train and maintain the cardiac systems  as well as the respiratory systems  you need some  more than just wattage  and FTP. Millar for sure had a wattage meter on his bike but how much feedback can he get  form that on his reasoning for not having the legs. and even arms got into trouble.
 Well when you look  many of our testes  you can see what happened with delivery  tHb  and SmO2 in his cases.
. The   million dollar  bank account  form his drug years  where still available but the lack of   somewhat more physiological ideas for workouts did not  helped his delivery system to get the O2  into his legs. His  non involved muscles  tried to a certain extend but that is a limitation as well.
 In today's time the fact, that we see in pro cycling  people  looking at wattage as  apart of the key element is hard  to swallow  but it is reality.
 The fact  that we have tools  and   options to actually do a physiological assessment with athletes and see limiter an compensator seems  so far off the radar of this  sport that it is nearly funny.
 The fact that they still use VO2  max numbers  and watt / kg , which are interesting performance information's  but  completely worth less when setting up a training program. They only show , whether  the potential his here now to compete but do not  help in any way to address the physiological stimulation's needed  to get to this target number.
Just  my few cents.

Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
I thought I add this interesting feedback to this section here.
 I got some  emails after my discussion on sport specific testing in the forum  and  with a set of mails in  our discussion group.
All of them  agreed, that it would make  sense to test sport specific , but that it is not possible to do that in all sports.
 So may question  simply is.
 Where is the problem. You can hook up  one or  more MOXY's  anywhere any time  and can see it live now  as well as it is all stored.
 We  can assess now in a 400 m Speed skate oval   or on a 400 m track  for  track and field, in a Velo drom  or on a Glacier in the summer  with skiers.
Can it be done :
 Sure we do it and as I write this   words here  Andri from Swinco in Switzerland is on the Glacier in Zermatt , testing Swiss skiers  on the snow.
 Can it be used  for  information.
 Well that's why we do it , it is all about physiological feed backs  and   how we  change training ideas  and  information to the athlete.
Example on the snow.
 We now  can see  when assessing  an skier  in real  race situation. So  MOXY datas  during a race , what creates   a challenge  and where  do we see problems in the race.
 Is it a delivery problem in the last 10 - 20 seconds  due to  limitation in strength. Is it a utilization challenge  due to lack of H + reduction over respiration and so on.
 Now we  can go back to the training  and  decide  how many gates  make sense  and what we do after the  load , resting period  before we  go   again trough the gates. . In speed skating we can see how the  position may change due to physiological limitation in the legs. Upper body drops  but hip comes  up do to a  utilization problem in his legs and so on.

So  the long story short.
 I got this email  from a coach, who  tried  nicely to explain that the VO2 max test  is still the ultimate  solution  and he sent me this article  form a  top notch testing center in his  area.
  Here a  section of the article :

 " Exercise Physiology

Following my nutrition session, I met with exercise physiologist XYZ for the administration of both a VO2 Max test and some functional strength tests. I was a bit nervous because I had never experienced a VO2 Max test, but was aware of stories of people going beyond the point of exhaustion and passing out.

Typically performed on either a stationary bike or a treadmill, a VO2 Max test (V stands for Volume, O2 for Oxygen, and Max for Maximum) measures one's maximal oxygen uptake. It is considered the prime indicator of aerobic fitness and cardio-respiratory endurance.

When trying to determine if a Junior hockey player has what it takes to play professionally, NHL scouts leave no stone unturned. In those instances,XYwill have clients perform the VO2 Max test to the point of exhaustion. Many patients, however, would not be well served by a test that takes them to their upper limit. In fact, it isn't required.

The measuring system provides a functional peak, and embedded formulas indicate a predicted maximum. The better a patient's condition, the closer the peak and the max will be.

Before commencing the test, xy checked my blood pressure and pre-exercise heart rate. Satisfied that I would likely survive, he allowed me a brief warm-up while he affixed the oxygen-collection mask and calibrated the system. A lengthy warm-up can deplete muscle glycogen, which may lead to a lower maximum, so only three to four minutes of warm-up preceded the test.

What can I say, Good for them.
 They  better  do not read this  nicely   summary here. I will show it in very small letter  to no take the fun out of VO2  max  and lactate testing  

great summary.jpg 

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