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Juerg Feldmann

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It is always surprising  for me, as I work  since  close  to 40 years   with  and in teams  preparing athletes    to  top  events ( levels)  What surprised  me is, that in many countries  the  officials  and  people responsible  for  performance  are often  1  - 2  Olympic  time  sets behind , what is really possible  and what would give us  answers  for the next 4  years.
 What do I mean .
 Here  one interesting   interview  from a race  today :

Xy skated against Zhang, and the XY finished the event in ninth position with a time of 1:15.62. The  " skater" won the distance at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and dominated the event on the World Cup circuit up until last year.

"It’s my fastest time I’ve done this season. It’s a pretty decent time, but I’m still disappointed I died more than I’ve ever died in 1,000," said XY. "Two and a half seconds between my first and second lap, and that’s just completely uncustomary for me.

"It’s just been a really hard season. I’ve done the best I could. It’s disappointing but that’s the way it goes."

An  answer  from an athlete  who supposed  to be supported  by   world  class coaches  and  physiologist  has to come with an answer "  I died"   is    interesting to say the least.
  A  simple   tool  besides  sunglasses as it is the same weight under her  dress  and we would have non  what caused  the    ( I  died )  Was it a  delivery problem  or a  utilization problem.
  And this could have been  used  prior  to the games   to see, what  could have  been  down.
 The fact, that they not even know    that MOXY is available  and could be used on the ice  to have a real time   live info is more than surprising , when in our small  country village  kids  skate on the ice  and we know  what  caused  them  to    feel dead?
 What is it , that w in this  level of sport  the official    have this huge defensive   mechanism  to do exactly what  should not be done on this level.  avoiding to push to the next level.

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