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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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There is the ongoing   questions  on validation.
 We  answered  that in different   topics  many times.
 For a coach or  athlete the key is , whether the   information is repeatable  . Here  an incredible interesting feedback  from Marcel.
 Thanks  so much.
 It is a  workout he did. No further comment  on this  other than an inside  view  on how we  can  look at the MOXY information.
I like to take the opportunity here  not only thanks  to Marcel but to the    many  mails I got in the last few  days  telling me  that I can use their data  any time on the forum  with or  without  name.

I will sent  each  of the mails  I got   till this weekned  a  comprehensive   view on your data information including discussion. Just give me some time  as  some other interesting seminars  are comming up soon.(  and I still need time  to milk my goats  once in a while  by minus  30 degrees  celsius  we have  for niw. Smile )
 I respect  phrivacy so  normally as you can see just tell sport    and activity . IN this case here  I like to   push Marcel to the top  as he produces  incredible information. He was as well the fist  worldwide , who  did  some roller ski testing  with  Physio flow flow and  Portamon  together with Duncan  from Abu Dhabi  live  feedback  on the  road    from a car.  He may share  even one or the other pictures  as they do  all of this.
 Now here just  for a weekend    goody   the data  in a closer view .
 First the overall  as it seems 15 loads.
  holw story PP.jpg 

Marcel  I will come back to the 2 red  circles  with you .

Now here closer look on two loads in the red  circle.Overlap and biased individual .

2 sets overalpped  close.jpg

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