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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Nice blog on this ideas.
 Here a  short add n, what we do for the people on the street and on a possibly much lower professional level , than San Millan in his wind tunnel studies.
We are not really concerned about the change in lactate and HR at all.
 We are looking much more on what causes the change in lactate.
  It is in  all the cases we see never a problem of metabolic efficiency.
 The same is true for change sin lactate curve to the right or higher % of VO2 use , when VO2 max does not improve anymore.
 In all the  non professional and professional athletes we test we never as of yet see, that they get more efficient in turning   5 fro example 50 gr of FA to ATP or  40 gr of glucose to ATP. They always yield the same outcome of ATP so no efficiency change. What we see with our  basic ideas and assessments is, that they have a delivery problem of oxygen. So less O2 available means m  earlier use of  ATP production with help of O2 independent energy suppliers.
 So when we look at bike position in general and " aero position " in special cases. we   take lactate but  more important is  we take.
 1. Cardiac hemodynamic,so to see how the position may influence this section of the physiological tam work.
 Than we look at respiratory interference (  Costovertebral joint and vertebral joint motion due to change in position ( interference with thoracic  ring or  in other word for " bucket handle reaction".
 Than we look at muscular   and joint interference in hip and knee joint .
 What do we use . Physio flow  for cardiac  assessment of HR  and SV (CO), LVET due to compression as well as EF% due to change in preload.
 With the MOXY and Portamon we look at changes n tHb ( Blood volume  and TSI. SmO2 reaction due to possible  compression in muscles with  position change.
 Than we look with SEMG  on possible change in recruitment pattern. ( Muscles  dysharmonie or muscle dysbalance)
 All this  information than   will explain us why we see a change in lactate  and  in blood gases ( indirect tested with VO2 max ) direct seen with MOXY and NIRS.

The you tube is a  very small summary  from our friends in Ticino *( Switzerland, who run a Spiro Tiger competency center  as well as using MOXY    for stud=y help and as you can see  run IPAHD. This is what we are aiming for as well in  Northamerica and  we are well underway in Europe   to introduce this technology and assessment tools to the grass root users fro  health and Sport.
 We  absolutely understand , that we are far off the  professional teams approaches and have no clue, how lactate and HR in a wind tunnel really can give use all the great information for a bike set up.
 We need much more  direct information  from different tools so we can  answer  all this questions to the general  public.

 And here a very fun video on  using Spiro Tiger for hypercapnic  activity balance with   some specific exercises.  The key here is to create a  "hypoxic"  hypercapnic reaction in the   core muscles  and we can monitor this now as a  specific reaction with MOXY. See  graphs in the strength sections of this forum
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