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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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How  does  MOXY  relates  to lactate.
 I try to make it very simple here.
 Lactate and  SmO2 have   one thing in common, both  give us feedback that energy is  used.  An increase in SmO2  can   indicate  an influx  of O2  which is more than what is used at that particular load. Problem:
 This can be  a  good   sign, as I  move more O2  in than I  actually need  for the moment and I use  optimal O2  for  ATP production.   But  it as well can mean I  actually load  great SmO2  but I would  in fact need  more O2  for ATP production  and despite the fact , that it is there  it is not bio -available.
 Lactate  as well is an indication , that I use  energy  and   one part of the energy   I used is  crate O2 independent.
 Same here. I can have an increase in lactate but really  have no problem with that , as I  am perfectly balance the H +  situation. So lactate   is helping   as one part of the buffering situation.. So I may go perfectly    O2  dependent  but had  somewhere   returned  to   use glycogen  and stimulated a  a very high glycogen  release  and one reaction was lactate production despite a lot  of O2 availablity.
 ( Lactate paradox. 

R. G. Shulman*† and D. L. Rothman‡

Departments of *Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and ‡Diagnostic Radiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT 06510

Contributed by R. G. Shulman, November 21, 2000

Stimulated by recent 13C and 31P NMR studies of exercising muscle, we propose a model of the energetics of contraction

"O2 is used in the oxidative phosphorylation. )This mechanism utilizes the rapid conversion of glycogen phosphorylase, the ‘‘fight-or-flight’’ enzyme, to its active form. Lactate is necessarily generated by this pathway to serve as a time buffer between fast and slow energy needs, which resolves the paradoxical generation of lactate in well oxygenated tissue.

 Now  when we look in practical terms  on MOXY  and lactate , than   one part which may be  most overlooked  but where MOXY  clearly  can replace  the invasive  nature of lactate is in the MAX LASS  testing.
  If ,  there is a use  for lactate  to find a  steady state , than it is the MAX LASS  steady state testing , which is complex  and  long to do but impressive  as somebody  will poke you takes blood  has  gloves on  and looks very smart  when doing it. and it is painfull so it has to be  good (  smile )
 I made a lot of money this way.
  Max lass steady state    is most liley the  itensity where we  have a stable SmO2  on a low  level  of  SmO2 testing.

  To backed this up there  are  studies done on this in europe (Italy)

Determination of maximal lactate steady state in healthy adults: can NIRS help?

Bellotti C, Calabria E, Capelli C, Pogliaghi S.


Department of Neurological, Neuropsychological, Morphological and Exercise Sciences, School of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Verona, Italy.



We tested the hypothesis that the maximal lactate steady state (MLSS) can be accurately determined in healthy subjects based on measures of deoxygenated hemoglobin (deoxyHb), an index of oxygen extraction measured noninvasively by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS).


Thirty-two healthy men (mean ± SD age = 48 ± 17 yr, range = 23-74 yr) performed an incremental cycling test to exhaustion and square wave tests for MLSS determination. Cardiorespiratory variables were measured bbb and deoxyHb was monitored noninvasively on the right vastus lateralis with a quantitative NIRS device. The individual values of V˙O2 and HR corresponding to the MLSS were calculated and compared to the NIRS-derived MLSS (NIRSMLSS) that was, in turn, determined by double linear function fitting of deoxyHb during the incremental exercise.


V˙O2 and HR at MLSS were 2.25 ± 0.54 L·min (76% ± 9% V˙O2max) and 133 ± 14 bpm (81% ± 7% HRmax), respectively. Muscle O2 extraction increased as a function of exercise intensity up to a deflection point, NIRSMLSS, at which V˙O2 and HR were 2.23 ± 0.59 L·min (76% ± 9% V˙O2max) and 136 ± 17 bpm (82% ± 8% HRmax), respectively. For both V˙O2 and HR, the difference of NIRSMLSS from MLSS values was not significant and the measures were highly correlated (r = 0.81 and r = 0.76). The Bland-Altman analysis confirmed a nonsignificant bias for V˙O2 and HR (-0.015 L·min and 3 bpm, respectively) and a small imprecision of 0.26 L·min and 8 bpm.


A plateau in muscle O2 extraction was demonstrated in coincidence with MLSS during an incremental cycling exercise, confirming the hypothesis that this functional parameter can be accurately estimated with a quantitative NIRS device. The main advantages of NIRSMLSS over lactate-based techniques are the noninvasiveness and the time/cost efficiency.



Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 1,530
Here  some more practical feed backs  on lactate and  SmO2  related  trends.
  Many  groups   try to " force"  MOXY ( smO2 results into their current theory  and models  with lactate threshold  and   lactate ideas.
  Remember: Lactate Is a very indirect method  of  estimating a and or better hope to estimate, what may have happened metabolically somewhere far away  from the test area.
 So there are some cases like  MaxLass    where,w hen  done as the original test suggest, 16 min   stable load  and stable lactate (  with some  restrictions  on what stable means )  than we  have a chance that  SmO2  and lactate trend  can be predictable  on how they may react.
 In any other case  it   is   very hard to predict  from athlete to athlete  where it may go. See  att.  as a short  info  we s sent out internally   longtime ago, when some people tried  to  force a lactate threshold  on an SmO2 trend.
 This    examples    are  not in the connection with lactate threshold  and SmO2   they are  simple  tests  done  to  see, who  MOXY SmO2 ) easy correlated  with current  test  methods.
 The Test method  here  used  is a LBP  ( lactate balance point test )  developed  many years ago, when we  thought  that  2  and 4 mmol is  most likely not optimal  as well lactate  may notbe what we blamed it is suppose to be  ( Ugly  and  bad )  Enjoy.

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