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Eased off is more towards the end I think because the gap between the two becomes smaller due to the left leg Smo2
Juerg Feldmann

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  thanks  and   that's  why I like that more  than  one  biased  brain is  looking at what we  do.
 I  actually not even looked  at that part. Remember, that , when we  look at HR  yes  by 2160  he  was the last  time in a  hard rowing mode    part way in that stage  ( check HR  and yes  he than eased  of  as   Ruud  shows  and yes  I never looked at that , but he in fact  he started to " balance "out the SmO2  reaction   by " recovering  " more on his  left side.
 That is  an interesting observation. Too bad  we do not  have an optimal start reading to see, whether at the lower intensities  he was  close to the same levels.

Try to always  have the first minute as a calibration minute  when you use  MOXY no matter how many you use  but in this case  it would have been  fun to have a 1 min resting SmO2  level  form both sides..
 On a bike remember, that the position 12  and 6.00  clock  will  make a difference in many cases  so  calibrate in standing or sitting or at least both legs in the same position.

 Here  what was interesting for me.
 Look at the  load  by 1440  an than by 2160  and compare the trend in SmO2 .
 You see, what goes  through my mind ???
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