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dawn lagergren

Development Team Member
Posts: 14
Did a 6 mile run with each mile getting progressively faster.  Warm-up period before running started included walking up a hill.
Mile 1-9:24
Mile 2-8:51
Mile 3-8:49
Mile 4-8:33
Mile 5-8:25
Mile 6-8:07

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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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Hallo together again. I go step by step  through all the interesting information in connection with MOXY
 Here my take and please do not take in personal. I really love the idea of this venture here and that's why I like to be the Devils advocate.
  I will be back  if I ma allowed and  discuss hard core some of the steps taken here  and where the idea of NIRS and bio marker  for physiological assessment  and intensity control may go really wrong.
  This  progressive run example is one of the, when showing it on a p website.
 So let's start  with the question :
 What does this graph tell you more than you have a HR . In fact  a HR graph would at least showed you possibly , that with  increase of speed there is a higher demand of  O2 supply if still possible so cardiac out put will increase  and with  cardiac out put possibly as well the HR . SV ( stroke volume  can't be tested in this case but we could if needed. So a progressive  run  workout  like in this case would be reflected in shorter time per miles and higher HR at  each step of the speed increase ????
 What does the SmO2 tell us if we would NOT  know that it was a progressive  run over different miles.
 Would we really have guessed, that it was in fact progressive and therefor asking  for a higher O2 use respectively supply .  does the  SmO2 reflects what most people would have expected  from the MOXY.
  IF yes If NO ???
 So what do you do with this  graph now. How do you sell it to the user on the street when they see this graph and how do you explain it beside s having another gadget.
 Thanks  for  all the great  responses here, but It seems in each info there is the underlying question . well nice but what do we do  now. ???

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