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Hi all [smile]  I need your help

I've made a YouTube video of my 515 Cycling Assessment and I was hoping to get feedback on the results so that whoever views the video can then see the process of assessing physiological limiters and compensators.

Moxy sensor was placed on my Left RF

During the 5-minutes calibration phase, I purposely moved my left leg to show SmO2 and tHb response with the purpose of finding the best rest position to be used during the 1-minute rest phase. I believe we should aim for lowest tHb and highest SmO2 combination which would indicate the best blood flow.  

Any feedback on this assessment no matter on your experience is very appreciated. 

515 LRF YT 120217.jpg    

515 YT SmO2 Hr 120217.jpg 

515 LRF YT o2Hb HHB.jpg 

515 LRF YT LTE LPS120217.jpg 

515 LRF YT W 120217.jpg 

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Hi Bobby. When I watched the video I noticed that there seemed to be a delay with the SmO2 response in the 1 minute rest intervals. If you zoom in and rescale so you may see what I mean in your graphs. This might indicate a respiratory issue. Blue - watts; Grey - tHb; orange - SmO2.BobbyVideo515.jpg 

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Yes, I've noticed that too, but I'm not sure if it is respiratory as it is present at the beginning of the 515 and then this tHb lag seems to reduce further down the assessment. It might be due to some extra blood diverted from the surrounding area due to other muscle compression. SmO2 level at the start of 515 is relative high (during rest periods even higher) and maybe reached some resolution limitation so that if tHb increases more positive SmO2 value will change by a little amount.

So if Disscurve to the right can easily be seen during rest periods due to tHb moving more positive(+ve) or before SmO2 then we can say that the rate of change of tHb is greater than that of O2Hb and HHB.

If we use this logic we should then be able to plot this Disscurve, see black line in the graph below

515 LRF YT DissC 120217.jpg 

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