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Is there a consensus on when take blood pressure measurements during the 5-1-5 assessment.

Right after the 5 minute efforts or right before the 5 minute efforts? Will taking the measurement interfere with the assessment (does it significantly change the values that the MOXY will see).

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 Two points.
 When we do a  basic  TIP  5/1/5  assessment we   do not take blood pressure. Basic assessment is  HR  and  1 MOXY on a muscle  you believe is  crucial  in that  sport.
 Optimal  are 2  MOXY's   and in a sport where we have involved  and minimal involved  pick the optimal muscle.
 In a  sport like cross country  take  main muscle  from the lower body  and a  main muscle  for upper body  work. If you lie to have some  feedback  on respiratory  reactions than   you can sue  3 MOXY's. The Prag group  with Jiri  Dostal  is collecting lot's of data's this way  so inter costal 7  or  8 placement. Be sure the  Optodes  are in between the rib cage  so they  do not bounce  of the bone  with the light.

We  take blood pressure  as soon we  add physio  flow  for cardiac hemodynamic  to it  as we need this  so we get a feedback on SVR ( systemic  vascular resistance ) We  than  take it   after the  5 min load  so at the start of the 1 min break  which is nice  to  take as we have little  movement.   As long  you do not place a MOXY  distal of the BP  cuff you will have no influence  by doing that. What  may influence your NIRS data's  is the situation  for example on a bike , I  you let go the handle  bar  and sit  upright freehanded , versus on the handle  bar. If you  have a MOXY on the rectus of your quadriceps  it will influence the data's  very strong.
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