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Sorry to  all but  I am  for the moment running out of hours, but will  for  sure be  back. Important that we  not  give diagnosis,  but yes loud thinking  and I  found yesterday  some intriguing   live   cardiac flow feedback's for case studies  we did about  10 years back  with  some  very intriguing  info on how the heart  can react.  Time  to go back to  work .

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The Cardiovascular system also controls blood volume in the venous return as high volume tends to reduce SV.
So artireal dilation will increase blood flow and an increase dilation in venous return will reduce CO or SV.
I think what we have is the body trying to regulate SV by adjusting Venous return .
The venous pressure will go up if the body is trying to increase SV and maybe that's the reason we have an increase hhb in the deltoid muscle.


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Juerg no diagnosis for sure, I’m just trying to visualize and predict different scenarios, it is really amazing Moxy can detect heart coronary disease


I like Bobby theory about dilated blood, it makes sense.


Ryan I was thinking about the stents, yes it is true they do open the heart circulatory system, so his heart should not have delivery issues, but what about all other arteries\organs, I believe those might be slightly clogged as well and they create additional barrier during rests and at the beginning of assessment, when CO drops due to stop, but muscle still needs O2 we do not have enough delivery\pressure.


His cardiovascular system does not have normal “elasticity” for vasodilation/vasoconstriction to work properly at lower loads, despite the stents in his heart. I think stents only fix “heart” circulation issue as hear is crucial to survival, so his pump is properly supplied.

His heart has unnaturally open circulator system, but the rest of the body still struggles, his well-supplied pump, pumps blood in to old plumbing [smile]

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