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Juerg Feldmann

Fortiori Design LLC
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I like to show this year some case studies and experiments we did and still do over the last 15  - 20 years.
 It may help  some people to understand where and why we  suggest on here some different ideas  than we usually would  use in rehabilitation and sport. I  do not explain  anything here, as I like to stimulate  other brains as well and the  past few years  show  me, that many people really got the concept  and  develop some incredible great feed backs  for themselves.
 Let's  start with one  I got many  e mails  for.
  The idea  and the ability to change preload  and how   MOXY will tell you whether it happened.
 . So look at the physiological reactions in this specific  workout  with the goal  to be able  by  a higher load  ( wattage  to  get the same   HR  a higher tHB  and a higher SmO2.
 First circle  was at 200 watt  , second  circle  was   at 250 watt. You can easy see, where  we started  to change  physiologically with some specific  interventions.

SV  example.jpg 

The purpose  of this idea  is to create  a better preload  in paraplegic  people  as their  cardiac  system is under loaded  in many cases  and they loose cardiac ability. So the key is  to find training methods  so we  can increase preload  so we  have a better ability to maintain  and improve their cardiac situation. It is all about  delivery  and  cardiac output  as  a big part of   VO2 = CO x a-v O2 difference  and that is all what we  do  and that is  what MOXY can deliver  us  easy, fast ,live  and noninvasive.


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I think i may have figured out what might be going on here in my mind, but if i have the right idea there is one aspect i can't figure out.

Can i ask the question here, or would you prefer to email?



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 I am just working  on a longer  respond  to all your  great  questions  So hope to have it finished   this weekend  and than  review  your ideas on the above  case   and we  can  discuss this  over  the  email  as well. Cheers Juerg
 Thanks  for  your feedbacks.  Sorry  for the delay
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