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dawn lagergren

Development Team Member
Posts: 14
Today was my first use of "Moxy in a baggie" and I was not convinced this is the answer to your moisture problems.  I wore the monitor on my left outer thigh as usual and strapped the light blocking cover over it then put on capri lycra tights.  We ran for approx. 2 hours and did 12 miles at an easy pace.  Monitor seems to have worked fine as I got readings for the whole run BUT when I took all the gear off my leg, the monitor and inside of the bag was where all the moisture was!  Outside of the bag was dry but inside was visible moisture and the monitor was wet when I took it out.  Opposite of what was supposed to happen!  Outside of the bag was completely dry and I checked to make sure the closure was secure (it was).  Not sure what to make of this development.

Data is attached below:

Also, I did sync the monitor to a computer first but the date and time info are wrong again.  My watch power seems to be wavering so maybe I need the new battery.  Anyone else had to change the battery yet??

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csv 12milemoxy.csv (84.99 KB, 18 views)

Larry Flessland

Fortiori Design LLC
Posts: 38

Moisture.  We agree that the baggie is a temporary fix until sensor gets redesigned.  There are just too many areas for moisture to get in.  I have also had mixed results with the baggie.  I’ve had moisture get in the baggie because of a small pin-hole and another time the seal came undone and another when I couldn’t see where it entered at all.  Try again and see if the moisture continues to enter the bag.  We would like to hear your suggestions as this has been a nagging issue for us.


Watch Battery.  I believe Andy had a similar issue with his watch battery on one of his posts.  He changed the battery and it worked fine after that.


Time Sync.  You can sync the sensor time with your PC using the AppMOxyPC.exe application.  However, the sensor must remain charged to keep time.  If the sensor battery drains, the time resets when power returns.  Unfortunately this sensor design requires more power than intended and drains the battery even when the power switch is turned off.  It is recommended that you keep the sensor charged so the time is maintained and is ready when you are.  When you sync the sensor with your PC, you can press the "Refresh" button on the AppMOxyPC.exe app to make sure the time was actually set.
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